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The Dumb Reason Why I wasn’t Getting the Windows 10 Upgrade

So in preparation for Windows 10 I rebuilt my laptop but then I couldn’t get the Windows 10 upgrade icon to appear.

My laptop was running Windows 7 SP1 and before rebuilding, it had the Windows 10 Upgrade icon in the tray. It was running like a dog so I decided to give it a clean build prior to the upgrade.

Everything went fine with the rebuild, all windows updates done and nothing. No Windows 10 icon.

So I followed all the hints here and nothing worked.

I tried the troubleshooter and it gave me a weird answer claiming that the troubleshooter was not supported on my version of Windows.

So I went to triple check I was running Windows 7 SP1 when I spotted “…6 days left to activate Windows”.

Sigh, I must have typo’d the key during installation.

Once I’d re-entered the key and activated Windows the icon appeared within the hour.

Remember kids even professionals are prone to (the extremely rare) stupid human error!







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