How to Remove Old Folder Redirection and Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies from GPOs

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With the recent flurry of migrations away from Windows 2003 you may see some migrated Group Policies (GPOs) reporting ghost settings for folder redirection or Internet Explorer Maintenance that no longer exist. Here’s how to remove them.   Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies were depreciated after IE9 and Microsoft made alternative options […]

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How to reset the sysprep rearm counter on Windows 2008 R2

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Password Complexity Rules May be End of Life

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I’ve often thought that certain password policies actually reduce security because users, being human, create less-than-secure mechanisms by writing passwords down or by reusing the same passwords whilst adding a simple digit on at the end. It now seems that GCHQ agrees with me!

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Can Great Engineers become Great Managers?

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I was initially going to call this article “Why do Great Engineers Often Become Poor Managers” but I decided this was an unfairly negative title for a complex issue with many variables. All industries have their good and bad managers, is IT any different?

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Using Outlook PSTs to manage Exchange Journaling Mailbox Size

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One of the concerns I hear about enabling the journal mailbox (journaling), especially in smaller business, is the impact it will have on limited storage and how that can be managed – for minimum cost. File this one under cheap and cheerful – Outlook auto archive.

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Do Third Party Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) Offer Value for Money?

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Is RAID 10 always a better option for performance over RAID 5?

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The Patching Team vs Automated Patching

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Export and Import Persistent Routes into Windows 2012R2

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In previous versions of Windows if you wanted to import a large number of persistent routes you could import them directly into the registry. This no longer works on Windows 2012R2 so here’s a simple method using excel to create the ROUTE ADD commands.

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The Dumb Reason Why I wasn’t Getting the Windows 10 Upgrade

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