Hybid Exchange – Bulk Email Domain Name Change

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CSV File example

CSV has a header row as shown and each user on a new line. Save as, for example, C:\tmp\yymmdd.csv

John Smith,John.Smith,John.Smith@OLDdomain.com,John.Smith@NEWdomain.com


Import CSV
$users = Import-csv C:\tmp\yymmdd.csv


List AD user OU Location
$users | ForEach-object { Get-ADUser -filter "Name -like '*$($_. Displayname)'"  -Properties CanonicalName | select Name, SamAccountName, CanonicalName, DistinguishedName } | Export-Csv c:\tmp\usersOUs.csv


 Connect to MSOL


Get Tennant GUID
$tenid = (Get-MsolPartnerContract -domain bobbitco.onmicrosoft.com).tenantid.guid


Check accounts’ last dirsync time
$users | foreach-object {get-msoluser -TenantId $tenid -UserPrincipalName "$($_.primarysmtpaddress)" | select userprincipalname, lastdirsynctime } | out-file c:\tmp\lastsync.txt


Check Remote Mailboxes exist
$users | ForEach-object { $exist = [bool](Get-remotemailbox $_.primarysmtpaddress -erroraction SilentlyContinue); Write-host "$Exist, $($_. Displayname)" }


Add additional SMTP address
$users | ForEach-Object { Set-RemoteMailbox $_.SamAccountName -EmailAddresses @{Add=$_.NewEmail} }


Set Primary SMTP address and disable email address policy
$users | ForEach-Object { Set-RemoteMailbox $_.SamAccountName -PrimarySMTPAddress $_.NewEmail -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false }


$users | ForEach-Object { set-RemoteMailbox $_.SamAccountName -userprincipalname $_.NewEmail }


MSOL UPN update 1
$users | ForEach-Object { Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -TenantId $tenid -UserPrincipalName $_.PrimarySmtpAddress -NewUserPrincipalName ($_.SamAccountName+’@bobbitco.onmicrosoft.com’) }


MSOL UPN update 2
$users | ForEach-Object {  Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -TenantId $tenid –UserPrincipalName ($_.SamAccountName+’@bobbitco.onmicrosoft.com’) -NewUserPrincipalName $_.NewEmail }


Output MSOL UPNs
$users | ForEach-Object {get-msoluser -TenantId $tenid -UserPrincipalName $_.NewEmail | select userprincipalname} | out-file c:\tmp\OutputMSOLs.txt


Check Last Synctime
$users | ForEach-Object {Get-MSOLuser -TenantId $tenid -UserPrincipalName $_.newemail | select UserPrincipalName, LastDirsyncTime} | out-file c:\tmp\synctime.txt


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  1. Nice work Bobb. Two lines of your code seem to be identical though.
    “Add additional SMTP address” and “Set Primary SMTP address and disable email address policy”.

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